“Intimate and outlandishly clever.”

“An entertaining brand of neo-cabaret pop.”
-- Time Out New York

“Enchanting, stark and sincere.”
-- LMNOP e-zine

Reviews of Resurrection Jingles:

At once intimate and outlandishly clever, "Resurrection Jingles" is what The Swans always had in their collective back pocket.
-- J-Sin,

Becomes more mature and eloquent with each listen.
-- Stephane Martel, emoRAGEi Magazine (Canada)

Juxtaposing a kiss on the lips and a bite on the heel…their classic lost lounge sound belies their song titles such as "Unhappy Hour" and "Doing Time On Earth." It's almost impossible to not crack a smile, but when you don't, you get a sense of the concurrent difficulty and lightness of existence. J.C.'s broken-hearted baritone on "So Soon" lingers in the folds of your brain long after its last crackles.
-- Yosef Lewis, The Big Take-Over

Somber shades …color this loungey, altogether fetching album... vocalist J.C. has that heartbreaking, yet somehow hopeful, tone that grows on you and could connect with the Morrissey legion. Pianist Anphibius complements with skill and sensitivity.
-- Music Connection Magazine

Reviews of Deathbed Recollections:

"A strong, daunting pop album that will have indie rockers in tears and fans of mature songwriting smiling."
-- Alex Steininger, In Music We Trust

"A true treasure full of intimacy and emotion·An autumnal, velvety record of great beauty."
-- emoRAGEi Magazine (Canada)

"Enchanting. Stark and sincere, these guys obviously know what they're doing. This is an impressively mature batch of tunes."
-- LMNOP E-zine

"Deathbed Recollections, distinguished by a musicality more classic and refined than most Amer-indie recordings, would sound like a forgotten old favorite to a fan of Leonard Cohen or Nick Cave. J. C.'s lightly intoxicated, gently somber bon vivant character smoothly croons paeans to love and ladies and whatever other interests guys who wear smoking jackets have."
-- Delusions of Adequacy E-zine

"J.C. croons romantically over torch-lit classical chamber piano darkly shadowed and tormenting [Anphibius' piano] is a narcotic carillon· that oscillates between chamber spirituality and 60âs radio pop."
-- Jack Rabid, The Big Take-Over

"Yes, these guys do have their tongues in their cheeks. But that doesnât stop these dark, strangely hooky songs from sounding awfully serious. Anyone who likes both Schubert and the Swans will be sure to find a place on his or her shelf for this befuddling little gem of an album."
-- Rick Anderson, The All-Music Guide

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